How to get Involved

The easiest way to get involved with Unique Dyslexic Get Creative is send us some of your creative work for inclusion on the Unique Dyslexic web site and Facebook page. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

You do not have to be diagnosed as dyslexic and we welcome dyspraxic, dyscalculic, AD(H)D and Aspergers) individual to share their creative talents here also.

You can either post your work directly onto the Facebook  page here:

or contact me directly via e mail

We invite anyone who is dyslexic, or thinks they are dyslexic, to join the project and share their creative ideas here including:
  • actors,
  • animators,
  • sculptures,
  • artists,
  • comedians,
  • chefs,
  • dancers,
  • dreamers,
  • engineers,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • games designers,
  • improvisers,
  • information technology geeks,
  • inventors,
  • film makers,
  • musicians,
  • photographers,
  • poets,
  • song writers,
  • story tellers,
  • writers
  • and visionaries.
You can also get involved by leaving supportive comments on the creative works of anyone contributing their creative works on the Unique Site and Facebook page.

If you are a social media geek and would like to volunteer some time to assist with the running of Unique Dyslexic Get Creative website,  give me a holler and get involved.

We have secured funding to run Unique Dyslexic Get Creative web site for two years and we have run four workshops, with one more workshop still to go. But we would welcome any donations to assist us with the day to day running of the project as well as to enable us to develop Unique Dyslexic further.
We are now in the process of organising and planning the Unique Dyslexic Get Creative Festival of Dyslexic Creativity on October 29th 2014 and would welcome any corporate sponsorship or individual donation to help us with this unique event.
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